Enhance your employees engagement at work. Our Corporate Wellness Program strives to enable your work force to lead a more balanced lifestyle and outshine in their professional and personal lives.

Diet & Workout Session

Transform to a fitness culture in your workspace

Healthy employees cost less than unhealthy employees and are a lot more productive. Our diet and workout session aids them to achieve their fitness goals with the right kind of work out and nutrition without compromising on their “me time” or personal commitments and help them become more proficient with work. Our focus is to offer them a sustainable fitness plan which helps usher in a culture of fitness within the organization making it soar in the overall health and productivity index.

Yoga Classes

Transform towards holistic wellness

We work long hours, often hunched over a computer. We skip meals, keep a phone glued to our ear, and rarely leave our workspace for a break resulting in constant stress which, can interfere with numerous physical and mental abilities. How we respond to stress can have a significant impact on our total health. Our yoga sessions can remove stress from the body and mind. Yoga either at Desk or therapeutic yoga is something that we offer for your employees. Our focus is on the holistic benefits of yoga as a practical tool of empowerment, health, and physical fitness. Yoga is not a great way to relax your body but your mind too & it helps employees concentrate better, improves decision making and their ability of multitask.

On-site Fitness Centres

With TransformX, onsite fitness is not just fin but sustainable too

While medium to large organizations house fitness centers within office premises, it becomes a challenge to help employees with professional trainers. Our Onsite Fitness Assistance programs helps your employees to gain access to professional trainers who not only help them out with fitness training but also with an adequate nutrition plan. Taking into consideration their professional and personal commitments, we craft a sustainable transformation plan for them helping them strike a balance between work & life with a healthier & fitter outlook making them more productive & efficient.

Smoking Cessation Session

Quitting smoking isn’t a question of willpower or good intentions. It’s a question of genuine reasons and motivation, we help you find both

Kicking the butt ain’t easy, despite the adverse effects of smoking. At TransformX, we aspire to move beyond pharmacological assistance and guide them with effective techniques to quit smoking and introduce sustainable habits which will keep the cigarette stick at bay. Our smoking cessation program helps your employees to move towards a healthier lifestyle and aids you in saving precious manhours which are spent on smoke breaks and also upturn the overall health quotient of the organization.

Lunch & Healthy Snacks

Transform to an efficient you with healthy eating

A lunch and healthy snack program is sited for all employees of an organization! Eating together facilitates interaction & better communication among your employees. Healthy snacking is important with long hours at the desk, we plan the right meal for your employees keeping them healthy and active as we offer assistance with Lunch and Healthy snacks.

Paramedical Services

Alleviate stress and rejuvenate for more productivity

A relaxed and calm co-worker is every team’s advantage. Our paramedical services caters to employees in smaller groups with massage therapies and age old stress relieving techniques like acupressure taking care of employees & helping them relax and revitalize. It is a great break from a hectic schedule and post therapy, a happier, calmer & more efficient employee is our promise.


Programs Starting from Rs.100/ per employee

Our Clients have witnessed

  • 22%

    in Medical Cost

  • 65%

    Improvement in
    employee engagement
    in India

  • 50%

    Increase in
    physical activity

  • 5 kg

    of avg weight lost
    per employee

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