Sandeep Dhiman

A techie by profession and a health coach by passion. Sandeep’s inspiring journey started with his own transformation and with experience & learning's of over a decade, today he is a certified nutritionist and fitness instructor.

Since the start, Sandeep’s priority has always been to help people transform themselves. Even with a busy schedule of tech projects, fitness trainings at various corporates and online fitness events, he is committed to being your buddy in your journey of transformation. Whether your goal is to build muscle, reduce body fat, or simply find some structure in your training, he is at your service.

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Our Story

Inspire I Achieve I Transform I Sustain

Fitness is a way of life for us. Inspired by mentors who believed in setting small goals and achieving them right, our transformation journey has been one filled with ups and downs and a story of continuous persistence, determination and whole lot of learning and can’t mention the small failures encountered along the way.

Our Vision

We aim to transform individuals with good physical and emotional health, including optimal nutritional health and help with their overall wellness.

Our Mission

Positive nutrition practices through research, evidence-based programming and ensuring that we cater to individuals with customized transformation plans backed by not just right nutrition intake but the right exercise routine that suits their lifestyles.